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Meet and fuck people pieni vittu - Sexy nurses

Jumalauta edit This is a combination of two words: jumala, meaning god, and auta, meaning help (verb, imperative 2nd person). Has a derivation molopä, corresponding to English "dickhead". or adding viekön (third person singular imperative of the verb viedä "to take for example hiisi viekön "may the goblin take. 1, the words often have old origins and some have. One form of using the word is "kyrpä otsassa" which means that someone is really pissed off. The etymology is traced up to Proto-Uralic, the earliest known protolanguage of Finnish, 4 thus having cognates in other Uralic languages, such as húgy in Hungarian language. Muna edit Literally means "egg" and may refer to a literal penis, but is not considered an insult or particularly profane.

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